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Our Work

Our Work

SPET implements and manages a wide range of projects with focus on:

  • => Education
  • => Medical treatment/health
  • => Women Empowerment
  • => Gender equality
  • => Employment enhancing
  • => Employment enhancing
  • => Livelihood and many others

CSR in Companies Act 2013:

The Companies Act, 2013 which has introduced the idea of CSR to the forefront and through its disclose-or-explain mandate, is promoting greater transparency and disclosure. Schedule VII of the Act, which lists out the CSR activities, suggests communities to be the focal point.
The Companies Act 2013 requires eligible Corporates and organisations to spend 2% of their NETT annual profit on eligible CSR activities.
We can help you deliver your CSR requirements. You can do so by contributing to one or more of our projects which all align with the requirements set out in Companies Act 2013 and are considered as eligible activities.

CSR Eligible Activities that SPET Supports

  • 1.   Eradication of extreme hunger and poverty

  • Providing basic survival kits to poor and needy See Nurture Project

  • 2.   Promotion of education

  • Educational training and vocational programmes. Corporates could pay fees/scholarships for those in need.
    Education centres and institutes set up in far and remote areas to provide access to education to difficult to reach places see Promoting Education and Nurture Project

  • 3.   Gender equity and women empowerment

  • Women focused courses provided at the institute that allows them to get sustainable jobs in the future
    See our work for women and girl children section and Nurture Project

  • 4.  Reducing child mortality and improving maternal health

  • Paramedical college providing low cost services for pregnant women, infants and children
    Shraddha hospital Borsad offers maternity, infant and paediatric services.
    See Health Services section and Nurture Project

  • 5.  Combating HIV Aids, Malaria and other diseases

  • Existing services at paramedical college Shraddha hospital borsad offers services to combat these diseases Research department with a focus on these diseases
    See Health Services section and Nurture Project

  • 6.   Environmental sustainability

  • Projects undertaken to reduce impacts on waste, water, fuel , energy, biodiversity and habitat.
    Also see initiatives in culture and heritage awareness

  • 7.   Training to promote rural sports, nationally recognised sports, Paralympic sports and Olympic sports

  • With our Managing Trustee & Secretary being on excellent national and international sports organizations like Indian Pierre de Coubertin Association - Chairperson (associated with International Olympic Committee via parent body CIPC) and Global Sports Federation - Secretary General (Affiliated under UNOSDP), we work on projects such as bringing Olympic education to India, giving children systematic training in sporting spirits, ethical values via sports improving health and well-being and make them good future citizens. We plan to bring a new sport called Teqball to India for particularly for those that are elderly and less able to contribute to other physical activities
    Also see initiatives in culture and heritage awareness

  • 8.   Employment enhancing vocational skills

  • Paramedical college offers vocational training programmes improving opportunities for employment for students.
    See Promoting Education and Nurture Project

  • 9.  Contribution of funds provided to technology incubators located within academic institutions

  • See Promoting Education .