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CSR Partnership


  • - Years in Operation: SPET has been established for over 50 years and has a wide spectrum of experience, expertise as well as knowledge, contacts and understanding of local needs.

  • - Geography: We are located across Gujarat but have reaches in other parts of the country and can offer you projects to suit your requirements.

  • - Reputation: Our reputation precedes us. The organisation itself as well as its trustees and staff as well as consultants, teachers and students all give their 100% to any activity they are involved in.

  • - Certification: We have all necessary certification in place to ensure that we can provide you with the services you require without any complications.

  • - Relevant experience: Our team is experienced in different areas where support and projects are implemented. We also have retained the services of a CSR expert who has experience and knowledge of developing and implementing CSR projects in Europe and Asia for over 16 years. We like to be clear and transparent in our approach.

  • - Leadership: With the able leadership of the chair and trustees of SPET, your organization will be supported and led from the front.

  • - Credentials: We have received high levels of honour from various offices across India as well as recognition of our education, health, well-being and women empowerment programmes.

  • For example:
  •     Recipient of prestigious NATIONAL EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARDS-2017 by ASSOCHAM, INDIA in this field.
  •     Recipient of Six Sigma Ratna Awards - 2017

How we can help you?
Implementing Eligible CSR Projects
SPET can assist your organization in undertaking social and socio-economic projects that also meet the requirements of CSR obligations under Companies Act 2013. For a sample list of projects that we can deliver for your organization, In addition to spending 2% of the net annual profits, the companies Act 2013 further requires companies to:
    a. Set up a CSR committee
    b. Committee to be formed of board members including one independent board member
    c. Spend 2% of their average net profit in the previous 3 years on CSR activities
The CSR process for the corporate further requires them to:
-     Developing a CSR strategy and policy
-     Project development
-     Project approval
-     Finalising the arrangements with implementing agency
-     Progress monitoring
-     Reporting
-     Impact measurement
-     Report consolidation & communication
Added Value: In-house CSR Expertise for Corporates and Funders
Ankit Kapasi of Sustainable Enviromntal Solutions (SEnS) has significant experience and knowledge in sustainability, environment and CSR. The team at SEnS can assist funding organizations in
-    Forming a CSR committee
-    Developing policies, procedures and other documents
-    Annual Reporting
-    Impact measurement
-    Report consolidation and communication
-    Active involvement and ensuring transparency